Book review: ABC Doctor & ABC Dentist

Unknown-2These books are obviously aimed at younger readers than Harry, but, when reading them with Joe, we’ve actually found them really interesting as a starting point for discussion.

Obviously the books in the format of an A-Z, but they are much less simplistic than many A-Z books. In ABC Doctor, for example, O is for Otoscope: “A doctor uses an otoscope to look into your ears. An otoscope has a light and a magnifying glass so that the doctor can see your eardrum.”

The books are American and so I had to do a bit of translation, but not too much and even that led to a discussion about why Americans have different words for certain things.

What was even more interesting, I thought, was that these books – despite not being stories – really seemed to capture Joe’s imagination, so there’s something for all of us. They are books I can imagine us returning to again and again.

Thanks so much to Mat at PGUK for sending them.


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