Usborne Look Inside Cars

UnknownThis is another book that’s more aimed at Joe than at Harry, but again it’s great for sparking a discussion.

Joe loves it because it’s got lots of flaps on every page and if he loves anything, he loves lift-the-flap books. Some of these have flaps under flaps, so he’s in his element. It’s actually very well done – they’ve managed to cram a lot of information into a few pages. There’s a car factory, how a car works, at the garage, racing cars, the first cars (I absolutely love the illustrations on this page) and the scrapyard.

Harry asks a lot of questions about how our car works (I have no idea) and he’s also interested in production lines, mainly thanks to How It’s Made. I think the second week of Flexischool we watched watched this video about the Model T Ford’s assembly line and then this one about Google’s driverless car.

One of the things I love the most about home ed is that a book as simple as this one can lead to so much more discussion and investigation.

Also, have you discovered The Kid Should See This? Such a fantastic resource.


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