What we do all day: Tuesday


One thing about home ed is that it takes us a long time to get going in the morning. A loooooong time. I like the slow warm-up, but today it’s just a bit too slow. Joe and Harry both slept with me (because David’s away) and we were all up much too early (6am). The boys watch Chicken Run, while I read and drink many cups of tea.

The boys play on the Wii, with the train set, with Joe’s Doodle Drawers while I try to work (mostly chat about home ed on Twitter and Facebook, but I do pitch a parenting website and get a commission).

We look at The Earth from the Air, etc., and Harry does a bit of writing. (He hates writing and I wasn’t going to make him do it, but when he ruined his cousin’s birthday card I told him he had to practice.)

After I show them this fabulous video, we end up watching a few more videos. People playing the xylophone, clarinet (Harry’s request), Flight of the Bumblebee on the flute, and then we dance to a video of the Pokemon theme.

We finally make it to soft play at 1pm (after planning to get there for 10) and the boys go and play, while I have lunch and read. Harry asks me why some pictures on the floor are 3D and next time he comes back to the table for some food/drink, I show him some perspective drawing.

On the way home, we end up talking about the Butterfly Effect (I can’t remember why) and then spend the rest of the drive loudly singing along with Man or Muppet and The Rainbow Connection (this is mostly me…).

When we get home, Harry goes on the computer and then his friend R calls for him. They go to each others houses alternate Tuesdays. Once Harry’s gone, Joe pings between colouring in, TV, CBeebies on the computer, while I do some chores (changing lightbulbs, filing) and read.

Joe has an early night and I make some notes about book ideas for a meeting I’ve got coming up (squeak) then, when Harry’s home, we read a bit of History Spies: the Great Exhibition Mission, watch BrainPOP (Vikings) and answer the questions, and then he goes to sleep.

I watch TV, drink wine, tweet. Repeat til half eleven.


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