What we do all day: Saturday


Up at 7.30 after Joe had a bad dream (about a “talking teddy” apparently). Harry was already downstairs watching Spongebob. Joe wants to watch The Muppets, so I put that on while I catch up with some blog-reading on the iPad.

Decide to try to keep off the computer as much as possible today and finish a couple of books I’ve been reading.

Harry and Joe bicker over Wii games (they’ve turned the movie off) while I reply to an email (see how long I stayed off the computer?!) and reset my Twitter password because I’ve been “compromised”.

Joe wants to do some “making” so we get all his craft stuff out.

David gets up and makes me a cup of tea (have I said it’s good to have him back?). Play with the kids and chat about the course David was on last week, home ed, education in general and how I may only have 20 years left to live…

David and Joe watch Paperman while I read and Harry plays on the Wii.

I finish reading How Children Succeed and then post an article to Bea.

David makes us brunch (have I said it’s good to have him back?) and then has to go into work for the afternoon. I read while the boys play with the toys Joe’s rescued from the charity bag (which he found when David left the cupboard door open – having him back is not all good!)

Tidy Joe’s crap off the table and as I take a photo, Harry says, “That looks like Joe’s creative brain.” He then amends this to, “That looks like Joe’s creative process…”


After a bit more reading, we go to the supermarket and Harry does the check-out, then we go to the park. (Joe says “It’s a beautiful day so we have to play hide and see in the park.”) The boys run around while I take the opportunity to call my aunty for a chat.

The boys play in the sandpit (Joe’s the boss and Harry’s job is to dig up sand and give it to the helpers to change it into money. £2000 a time, apparently. Nice work if you can get it.)

Walking home past the playground, we spot Harry’s best friend and so stay for them to play together while Joe and I play hide and seek. Walk home, as the sun’s going down.

IMG02459-20130202-1710At home, I read while they have a bath. Harry discovers he can blow in the beak of the duck watering can. (Looks like he’s using it as a bong.) He then discovers he can use it to blow enormous raspberries and both boys become helpless with laughter.

Once they’re dried and dressed, I make their tea (do some dishes and put a wash on), while they watch the rest of The Muppets.

After dinner, I answer some emails and the boys wait up for David to get home. Once he’s home, he puts dinner in the oven and then puts the boys to bed, while I finish up some online stuff then we catch up on some of the TV we missed while he was away.


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