New beginnings


Spring is my favourite time of the year. I wait eagerly for the blossom to appear and I’m always so excited to see it. It’s bittersweet too, because it marks the passing of another year, but I use it as a way to check in about where we are in life. Whether we’re happy. On the right track.

Monday was the first day of Joe’s last term at preschool. I haven’t registered him for school and so from September he will also be officially home educated (although he’s still going to go to outdoor preschool for a while. While home education was a difficult decision to make with Harry, it’s been easy with Joe. Of course he’s going to stay home with us, playing and learning with his big brother (right now they’re “playing” sleepovers in my bed).

In the past, I’d see the blossom and I’d think “Another year and we’re still here, nothing’s changed…” and I’d be disappointed. But this year, everything feels right. I hesitate to say that because I feel like I’m tempting fate, but after what happened in Boston earlier this week I’m thinking about how lucky we are. Because we are so lucky. Not only to be alive and healthy, but happy and together.


4 responses to “New beginnings

  1. Love reading these posts now I have a boy of my own! Had bypassed me a bit that you home-edded, something I don’t think I’m capable of but interesting all the same. I have a friend who home eds and she and her boy do the best projects including a history timeline going right around the attic

  2. This is such a lovely post to read. The home ed decision wasn’t even considered when it came to my later children and it was lovely to be so relaxed about it.

    And you are so right – what is more important than anything in a child’s life is their relationship with their parents, and that is what you are making an absolute priority in choosing to home educate. Everything else is secondary and will sort itself out so long as our children feel safe, secure and connected with their parents.

    Susie – all you need to be a ‘good’ home educator is to love your children and to be interested in them 🙂 Seriously – everything else just falls into place when that happens.

    • Thanks, Clare. A lot of people seem oddly negative about children being close to their parents, which is very strange to me. I agree it’s the most important thing.

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