Playing with our food


We went out for dinner last night. Harry had won a voucher for doing a drawing and it runs out tomorrow, so we had to go and use it. (This photo is old – I didn’t get a good one of the two of them last night.)

We’d had a really busy weekend and were all hungry, so I ordered bread. It came with little bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I poured a little of each onto a plate and showed the boys how they don’t mix. As the vinegar pooled in the middle of the oil, both boys said, “Wow!” and asked me to do it again.

We swirled it round, we added a little more, we admired the tiny bubbles of vinegar within the oil. (Harry: “It’s like art!”) And Joe asked if we could do it again from the start so David did it again for Joe on his side plate. Joe asked if we could do another “experiment” so I poured some of my water back in the bottle and then poured some oil in there. He shook it up and watched it separate. Then he added vinegar. And shook that up. It kept him occupied while me and D ate our dinner.

The boys asked why the oil and vinegar didn’t mix and neither me nor D knew exactly, so today I looked it up. I found a complicated explanation and then I found a simple one (vinegar is water soluble, oil is not) and I found a bunch of experiments. I planned to print them out and do them with the boys and then I realised we already had. Over dinner, last night.

This is what I try to get across to people when they ask me about home ed. Education is part of life. We are all learning all the times. Opportunities for education are everywhere. And sometimes it’s okay to play with your food.

(Also, bread dipped in olive oil and vinegar is delicious.)


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