Join’s home education Twitter chat tomorrow (I’ll be there)

Secondary-Logo_Large-WhiteBg-300x224I’ve been aware of for a while, but haven’t really had the time to have a good look around the site, so when I was invited to take part in a home education Twitter chat, I jumped at the chance. is a membership site focussed on children and technology. Members can ask questions – or answer questions posed by other members – on subjects such as Safety & Privacy, Toys & Gadgets, Child Development and more. And, of course, has an education section that covers home education more than any other site I’ve seen, which is great for us since we’re relatively new to home ed. In fact, we’re coming up to the end of our first “school year” of home educating – Harry would have gone in to Year 4 last September, but we decided to keep him home instead.

The main thing I want to say about our decision to home educate is that it was much more a positive than a negative one. When people ask me about home ed, they seem to assume there was a problem with the school – it wasn’t that at all. Yes, we started out questioning school because the curriculum seemed so stuffed that Harry was feeling rushed and asking to learn more about certain subjects, but once we started learning about home ed, it became more about us being together as a family and the boys (Harry is almost 9, Joe is 4) learning through living.

One of the people who inspired me when I was considering home education was American blogger Penelope Trunk. This quote of hers sums up home I feel about home education:

“I love seeing how excited I can make them with the world around them… I want their whole lives to be like that… I want to teach them how to make that for themselves. In the meantime, they give that to me. At least once a day. And I think that is really why I’m keeping them out of school. So we can all have more joy, each day, together.”

On Thursday 20 June (tomorrow!) at 11am BST, will be hosting a Twitter chat to explore home education. They are hoping to demystify and bust some myths for those curious (and maybe even sceptical) about homeschooling, celebrate the successes of homeschooling families and discuss all the tools and techniques that can make homeschooling, flexischooling and unschooling a positive experience for many families.

One of the things I love about home ed is that all home educating families are different and work in different ways, so I’m looking forward to getting to know the other bloggers involved and answering everyone’s questions.

To get involved, follow @quibly and use the hashtag #QuiblyQs

Disclosure: this post has been sponsored by and is cross-posted on my personal blog.


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