Looking back (and forward)


So the school year has ended, which doesn’t make a huge amount of difference to us, but it does mean that we’ve been home educating for a full school year. How’s it been? It’s been really great.

It’s funny – and I know I keep saying this – but it’s hard to really think about specifics because it all just seems so natural and it did from pretty early on. Now I can’t really believe that Harry used to be out of the house from 8-4 every week day. Didn’t I miss him? What did I do with my time?!

This time last year I was only just starting to think about home ed and I was worried it was too big a decision. Now, I don’t know what I was worrying about. I’ve spoken to a couple of people lately who said the same thing: it seems like a big decision until you make it and then it suddenly just feels right. (Is that the same for all decisions? Maybe it is.)


Joe was 4 in January and so would have been starting school in September, but of course we’re keeping him home too. He finished preschool last week (he only went one morning a week) and, as we left, he said, “So… now I’m homeschooled like Harry…” 🙂

It won’t make much of a difference (although Harry claims he’s going to miss his relaxing Monday mornings), but I do want to make some changes over the next year:

I’d like to get out of the house more – we need all-weather clothes so that even if it’s raining we can go to the park (we spend a LOT of time there, but I’d like to spend more).

I’d like to get away from our town a bit more often. We had planned to have a day out each month – just to hop on a train and go somewhere (in the local area) we’ve never been before, but we haven’t managed to do that so far.

I’d like a bit more time for myself (I’ll write a bit about how home ed works for me in another post) without “Middy! Food!” or “Are you finished yet? Now? Are you finished now? When? When will you be finished? Now?” I think this is going to be even more important with both of them at home.

Mostly, though, I’m just really looking forward to spending time together, learning and having fun.

3 responses to “Looking back (and forward)

  1. I’m so pleased to read this. I remember chatting to you on twitter (was it really a year ago?!) and I’m so pleased you’re still happy with your decision.
    Mo enjoy following your blog and I admire your ability to ‘unschool’!

    Wishing you a very happy summer.

    Lisa x

    • Thanks, Lisa! I was about to say, no, it was probably August so not really a year, but it’s August tomorrow. Yikes. Hope you have a lovely summer too.

    • Thanks, Lisa! I was about to say, no, it was probably August so not really a year, but it’s August tomorrow. Yikes. Hope you have a lovely summer too.

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