Does home education take away the children’s choices?


I have actually been asked this. More than once. (Twice.) The first time I spluttered with indignation. The second time I laughed.

The decision to home educate was made with Harry, not imposed upon him. Every day, he chooses how he wants to spend his time. He chooses what he wears. He frequently chooses what he eats. He chooses what to read (or, indeed, not to read). He even chooses what time he gets up (it’s really early).

When he was at school (we didn’t give him a choice of whether to go to school or which school he would attend), he wore a uniform. His days were mapped out by me (getting him to school and back) and by teachers and other staff. When he got home, he did homework and read books prescribed by the reading scheme.

He can choose to go back to school any time (though I hope he doesn’t). In the future, he can choose to take exams, go to college or university. This, I think, is what those asking this question are really concerned about – aren’t you taking away the choice to do exams? The answer to that is no. (I would ask if they will give their children the choice to not take exams, but I suspect I know the answer.)

I’ve said this before, but the best thing about home education for me is the freedom and, conversely, the control. We are free to do our own thing as a family and the boys control their own education. How on earth is that taking away their choices?


9 responses to “Does home education take away the children’s choices?

  1. Harry clearly has far more choices with you involving him in his education and giving him some say in the matter than those who school who have no control at all!

  2. This question really winds me up because the questioner always fails to see the utter irony of it! I suppose there may be some people who HE regardless of their child/ren’s input, but I’ve not met one yet.

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