Happy talking

As Delightful As a Carrot Keris StaintonLast week, I self-published a book of Harry and Joe’s quotes.

I’ve had a blog for more than ten years, so it was natural (to me) that I blogged about my boys. And then Facebook and Twitter came along and they seemed like handy places to note down funny things the boys said and did (or rather, say and do). Friends frequently told me I should put the quotes in a book and so, eventually, I did. And it seems to have gone down very well. (If you’re interested, you can buy it on Amazon, UK and international sites. It’s only £1.02.)

But the point of this post isn’t (just) blatant self-promotion, honest. No, I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to spend so much time with the boys. I treasure the conversations we have every single day. Their observations and questions make me laugh and make me think. (Yesterday, Harry asked why a bonfire is called a “bonfire” and not just a “fire” – not something that had ever even occurred to me! If you’re interested, it’s originally from “bone fire”, a fire on which bones were burned.) I feel sort of honoured to be able to experience them learning in a way I wouldn’t if they were away from me for six plus hours every day.


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