I’ve probably written a post along these lines before. But that’s nothing compared to how often I think about it or say it to my husband or to the boys. So since this is the last post of the year…

I feel so lucky to have them at home. To be able to spend so much time with them. To watch them learning and growing and changing and to watch their sibling relationship developing.

I feel lucky that when the weather is horrible, we can just snuggle up and nest at home, but when it’s nice, we can go out for a wander. (And, if we want, spend all day in the park, like we did in the summer.)

I feel lucky that I get to think of things I want them to learn – things I think they’ll be excited to learn – and to find books, videos, TV shows, websites and more to capture their attention and imagination.

I just feel lucky.


2 responses to “Lucky

  1. I feel so much like this. Lucky that I can stay home with them, lucky that we can school in pajamas if we want to, lucky that I don’t have to put my son on a bus every day. I love to describe it as selfish…I get to stay at home with my kids. What could be better than that? Thank you for this post.

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