Project Wild Thing


We watched this last weekend. The boys weren’t keen – the didn’t think they could possibly be interested in a documentary – but we all enjoyed it.

Harry was outraged – outraged! – at the suggestion that the real world might be better than technology, but the point of the film is that balance is best.

We don’t set limits on screen time and Harry can often spend a full day on Minecraft and the only problem I have with that is it’s then hard to get him out of the house and away from the screen. But I’m pretty much the same way myself, so I can’t complain too much. (The boys were struck by how much time the film’s creator David Bond spent on technology after complaining that his kids were too attached to it. Yup.)

The thing is, once we are out of the house, we all absolutely love it (and then it’s often equally hard to get Harry out of the park and home). One of the most frequent comments we’ve had since taking Harry out of school is how much time we spend in our local park (thanks to me putting the photos on Facebook). Last summer we practically lived there and I’m so looking forward to doing the same this year (*crosses fingers*). And whenever we’re there, I’m struck by how much the boys are learning. (I’m struck by how much they’re learning from Minecraft too.)

I think for most home edders Project Wild Thing will be preaching to the converted, but I do still think it’s worth a watch. 


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