James Corden is educational

corden2This morning I told Joe I needed to write a blog post about home ed, but I didn’t know what I was going to write about.

“Write about James Corden!” he said.

Umm. Why though?

“Because James Corden is educational!”

Right. But… is he?

Now I love James Corden. Joe loves James Corden. But I didn’t really think we had a, you know, James Corden curriculum. But then I thought about the different singers I’ve introduced Joe to via Carpool Karaoke (he still gets Madonna mixed up with Britney. And, um, Adele. But I’m working on it). And how a couple of weeks ago we watched him performing with Queen and Adam Lambert (and I devastated Joe by telling him Freddie Mercury was dead) (I thought he knew). And how he’d been very excited to recognise the Hamilton bit in the Broadway Riff-Off with Neil Patrick Harris (who Joe calls Count Olaf). And how the Justin Bieber episode of Carpool Karaoke even introduced a bit of sex ed:

James asked Bieber if he ever listens to his own music when he makes love.
Joe: “Wait, he makes love?”
Me, nervously: “Yes…”
Joe: “What, like in a factory?”

And how just the other day, Joe had recognised his voice in Trolls. And remembered that he’d been the narrator in Esio Trot, and The Gruffalo. And that he’d done the voiceover for Little Charley Bear when Joe was a toddler.

And then Joe said “What’s that James Corden woods film called?” And I remembered that Joe’s love for James Corden had also introduced him to Stephen Sondheim.

And I realised that James Corden is indeed educational. Same as, you know, everything else.*

* This makes me feel like this blog is kind of pointless. Like every single post is just “everything is educational!”  BUT IT IS.


2 responses to “James Corden is educational

  1. I love this. Yes it is. You actually cannot escape education, and when you need to express it to yourself or someone else for reassurance, it does not take much to frame the learning in educational words to see just how much there is going on.
    Thanks for posting this.

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