Joe’s alphabet

IMG_8945.JPGI’ve written a bit about how Joe’s suddenly started to read, but he hadn’t shown much interest in writing. At all. He draws all the time and he writes his name, but that’s pretty much it.

But then a couple of weeks ago, I was reading to him at bedtime and he went off and got his drawing pad and a keyboard and started writing the alphabet. Some letters he knew and wrote without looking, others he checked on the keyboard and copied them. He was VERY excited about it and VERY proud of himself.

img_9123And much like his reading, this was totally unprompted: I hadn’t told him to try writing, I hadn’t even suggested it; he just decided he wanted to do it and he did it.

He also “wrote” his name – along with ‘Zoo’ and ‘LOL’ – on my Scrabble fairy lights šŸ˜€


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